If you’re thinking about personal testing, make the system painless. Aside from the comfort of now not having to power anywhere, get late or misplaced for appointments, our EXCLUSIVE %100 actual and correct on-line trying out offerings has severa established advantages.

What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric check is a collection of online, written or realistic assessments that investigate a without a doubt described pattern of human behavior. There are many extraordinary sorts of psychometric evaluation that can measure skill, ability, intelligence, personality, motivation and interests. These assessments can play a beneficial position in character improvement and, due to the fact they can provide goal proof of the human attributes they measure, have been proven to be one of the fine predictors of job overall performance when used in selection. In practice, psychometric assessments are normally used in conjunction with different methods, such as interviews, to supply a entire Picture.

When can I expect the written results?

After test administration and all behavior checklists are returned, test data must be scored, interpreted, integrated, and written into a comprehensive report. This process can typically take 24 to 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

What a while do you work with? What populations do you serve?

What a while do you work with?
What populations do you serve?
Our group specializes in offerings for child and adults between the a long time of 3 and 85+ years old.

Our areas of know-how include:
– Developmental testing
– Academic and cognitive testing
– Neuropsychological testing
– Social and emotional testing

Can I be reimbursed via my insurance?

Neither Testoloogy nor Therapists on the Testoloogy Platform put up claims to Medicare, Medicaid or fitness insurers. Services presented the usage of this web site are usually no longer blanketed viafitness insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

How Soon Can My Child Get Tested?

How Do I Prepare For The Testing Session?

Please click on right here for pointers on how to put together for the checking out process.

Is my child's information shared?

You very own your kid’s statistics and select how and with whom to share it. Regarding our privateness policy, all private statistics gathered by using the testoloogy all through the provision of offerings will continue to be private and invulnerable barring when failure to reveal the facts would region a purchaser or different individual at massive risk, when your prior written approval has been received to supply statistics to some other expert or agency, or when a courtroom order is received.

After Testing How Do I Get My Child Help?

In the report, all suggestions are distinct (i.e.: IEP, 504 Plan, one-of-a-kind in-school placement, checking out accommodations, similarly services, therapy, tutoring, referrals to different professionals, etc…)

My Child May Be Gifted, Have ADD And A Specific Learning Problem (Dyslexia), Do You Test For All Those In One Test?

As with any condition, no single test or assessment tool can identify everything. Therefore our assessment process includes, but is not limited to: an IQ test, a standardized Individual Achievement test, review of student’s background (early development, family history, environmental factors and health history), historical trends of his school performance, teacher observations, past progress reports and test grades, IEP’s/504 plans, parent and teacher reports and in some cases, specific observational inventories filled out by parents/caregiver or teacher. The evaluator’s expertise and experience with twice exceptional students is also paramount in the adequate identification of LD’s, ADD/ADHD and other conditions.

Why Do Fees Vary So Much Among Professionals For The Same Type Of Testing?

Professionals working in the equal geographical location can also cost unique prices for what seems to be the equal kind of service. Many locate there is little negotiating room for their charges when the overhead related with luxurious workplace house is a factor. Another purpose for the discrepancy in fees is due to the fact the preference of checking out devices used to determine distinct skills varies radically amongst gurus in the field. Experienced clinicians discover that much less units are wished to arrive at comparable conclusions. If the parent’s motive of checking out is to attain lodging for their child, our trying out system is the most time and fee fantastic approach. Taking this into account, TESTOLOOGY Psychological Testing ensures now not solely lower priced rates, however additionally very excessive first-rate provider and correct reviews which are regular through all educational institutions.

Do You Offer To Follow Up Treatment Such As Behavior Therapy Services If Recommended In Your Report?

No. To keep away from struggle of pastime issues, TESTOLOOGY does now not provide any of the advocated comply with up treatments, such as conduct remedy or tutoring.

What is the cost of the test?

Mental health, psychology and educationa tests always seem quite expensive because they almost always require one-on-one focus and great experience with a highly trained person. We do our best to keep our fees as low as possible so you can get the test you want.

How is my privateness protected?

We take your privateness and confidentiality seriously. We have constructed cutting-edgetechnology, operations, and infrastructure with the aim of defending your privateness and safeguarding the data you provide. It is vital for us that you understand precisely how your privateness and confidentiality is treated, for extra records see our Privacy Policy. However, right here are some matters it may useful for you to know:


We do not cooperate or work with any insurance plan organizations so nothing desires to be shared, pronounced or filed with them.

You can constantly click on the “Shred” button subsequent to every message that you havedespatched so it will no longer exhibit in your account.

Secured and encrypted by using banking-grade 256-bit encryption.

Our servers are dispensed throughout a couple of Tier 4- AWS Data Centers for gold standardsafety and protection.

Our looking encryption gadget (SSL) follows cutting-edge great practices.

Our databases are encrypted and scrambled so they genuinely come to be vain in the not likely matchthat they are stolen or inappropriately used.

On what platforms will I be able to use testoloogy.com?

To use the testoloogy.com, all you need is a common browser – whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What are the system requirements?

– Google Chrome (recommended)

– Apple Safari

– Mozilla Firefox

– Microsoft Edge

– Opera

 Please always use the latest version. It is not necessary to install additional software programmes.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know if you wish to cancel a test.

If you haven’t started the test, you can get a refund.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards but do not accept cash or cheques.

How can I get started with Testoloogy?

Click here to get started.

I'm a licensed therapist. How can I grant offerings the use of Testoloogy?

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What Is Included In The Quoted Price For Testing?

-Home testing services (tests are conducted in your own home by a licensed school psychologist)

-Comprehensive, descriptive/graphical report with the diagnosis. *We do not hand out generic computer generated printouts*

-Specific and detailed recommendations for home and school (i.e.: requests for extended testing time, special classroom accommodations and/or placement, revisions to IEP’s, 504 Plans, targeted tutoring, referrals for therapy and other follow up interventions)

Will My Child’s School And The Doctor Accept The Results?

Absolutely. Reports, diagnosis, and pointers are nationally accepted, consisting of some worldwide institutions.