The purpose of our company is to provide services in measurement and evaluation.
It is to ensure that these tests, which are very difficult to reach in today's conditions and which are offered at exorbitant prices, are much more convenient and much faster.
It is to apply tests in international standards online and also to present the carefully prepared report to the person by evaluating it in international standards.
It's about telling people what their ``condition`` is, that they don't know exactly what their problem is, that they are not recognized and that they are feared, and that people can benefit from the tests.
In addition, it is to put an end to the fear of what the problem is and to ensure that people benefit from the most important part, which is the forward-looking roadmap, without the initial anxiety.

In our center, it is trying to provide the best, highest quality and scientific service in a corporate environment with ``Mental Health Professionals`` who have made a name for themselves with their success in their profession.