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There are many reasons to use TESTOLOOGY services. If you want to know about your personality, intelligence, strengths and weaknesses, talents, and psychological.

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TESTOLOOGY is a professional center in the field of psychometrics and psychology.
In TESTOLOOGY, all psychometric services are provided by psychologists.
All tests in TESTOLOOGY have high validity and accuracy and all reports are analyzed by real psychologists.


About Psychological Testing


Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is one of the most important factors for identifying cognitive, mental, and learning disabilities and it also could be used as an indicator of a person’s cognitive, mental, and special abilities. Finding children’s IQ can lead to realizing their talents and abilities and also helps early intervention that could be helpful in case there are cognitive or mental problems.

Severe Mental Retardation            0-50

Average Mental Retardation.       50-65

Mild Mental Retardation.             65-80

Borderline.                                   80-90

Average                                       90-110

Superior                                     110-130


The phrase character originates from the Latin phrase persona, referring to masks worn through theater performers to conceal their identification or painting extraordinary roles.

Your persona, or personality, is special to you. It’s a aggregate of the behaviors, emotions, notion patterns, and motivations that outline us.

Research from the previous few many years has pointed to the function of surroundings – such as how we have been raised – and our genetics in forming and shaping our personalities.

So, what is your personality?

Among your crew of friends, are you regarded the shy one who waits for others to make decisions?

Or, are you considered as the dominant one who is equipped to take the lead?

Personality take a look at can assist you locate out your persona type.


Psychological checks are phase of the area of psychology recognised as psychometrics. Psychometrics measures behavior, personality, and aptitude the usage of tests. After a man or woman has achieved the test, their solutions are scaled to furnish a commonplace overview of their private characteristics.


Anxiety is one of the most important psychological disorders and many people around the world are suffering from it. Early diagnosis of anxiety can be very effective in early intervention. Anxiety multiaxial test including different subscales can be very constructive in the process of diagnosis and treatment by examining the level of anxiety of the individual and also offering a specific treatment plan.

Chartered Psychologists specialising in occupational psychology;
Human Resources Officers (Personnel) who preserve the BPS skills in take a look at use and a present day entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU);
Careers coaching advisers, outplacement counsellors and coaches who maintain the BPS skills in take a look at use and a cutting-edge entry on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU);

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